Initial idea for my development for film research essay

For my essay, I want to look at a film called spirited away 2001. Although I haven’t watched this film before i am attracted by the style of the anime. It seems to be unique style of japanese anime. I first encountered spirited away when i saw it on the hong kong news when i was a kid bt in them days we couldn’t just watch it online like now a days :p

Above is a poster of spirited away, I particular love the style of Architecture which is a combination of Western and Eastern architecture.



Moodboard and contrasting moodboard

A mood board for my look into the style of Architecture. The building are tall towers of flats and in the shopping districts there are hundreds of colourful billboards. A sense of busyness is everywhere you go in hong kong.


Research Photographs!

Her are some Photos of Hong Kong architecture from My previous holidays

Project Research Idea

For DCP i have decided to dedicate my research towards Hong Kong building. I will look at the architecture in contrast towards the British architecture that i’m familiar with.

Hello world!

Hi! this blog will be used as a journal for my research and work for Animation module Development for Creative Practice.