Making of model video


Tryout with Animating Camera in Google Sketchup

Thoughts on Google Sketchup

Following the tutorials on the Google Sketchup Youtube Channel. The Tutorials cover the basics of using the software to model and how to model using edge points. I found using Google Sketchup similar to modeling with 3ds max except there being no control over the vertex points.

More visual research for Google Sketchup

Below are some images to show examples of Google Sketchup Models.

The Storyboard for My Development Movie

For my development movie, i have will produce 3d model using Google Sketchup 8 and use the animation options in the software to produce video showing the model in different perspective and angles. I have chosen to use this software because it has the visual look i’m aiming for with my HK building models (Sharp black outlines and block colours). Below is a storyboard to present my idea visually.



More initial sketches

These were drawn by inking the outlines then watercolouring unlike the other which were done mainly with graphic tablet


Initial Sketches

These are some of the sketches i did, for the initial ideas that show some visual examples. They were created by first sketching some building, scanning into computer then added outlines. Lastly, i used the software Autodesk Sketchbook Express to color in with paintbrush,