Spirited Away: Film Interpretation Notes

-Most of the main Characters have a development in Character personality towards the end of the film e.g Baby is more mature after traveling with Chihiro to return the stolen seal.

– The customers that travel to the bathhouse by ship are people with authority as symbolized by there hats which in Chinese/Japanese/Korean culture are the outfits of lords in ancient Asia periods.

– The entrance to the alternative world is like a Asian temple which emphasize the presence of spirits

-The double face guardian of the entrance to alternative world, face to the way the humans walk in and the direction the spirits will exit.

-The build interior resembles the inside of a church but lines with train station-like seats which can be interpreted as a spirits transport passage to another world whilst the other entrance on the other side is in western style, giving a initiation of another world.

-The spirit world is like a clash of both western and Eastern architectures which gives an ‘out of the world’ effect to the audience

-Old traditions related to spirits in contrast to present day where spirits are more myth

– At night the town looks like a festive is on, so depicts how people only refer to the spirits during festival times

-You gain a sense of danger because it’s like a trap because the town is deserted during daylight but food is left there. A trap for greedy people.

-When night comes, it signifies danger is approaching and strange thing happen like parents turn to pigs

-No escape as the exit turns to a river

-initial thoughts of Chihiro from her character design, the way she acts and body language depicts her as spoilt and can’t be bother child



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