Spirited Away: Film Interpretation Notes

-Most of the main Characters have a development in Character personality towards the end of the film e.g Baby is more mature after traveling with Chihiro to return the stolen seal.

– The customers that travel to the bathhouse by ship are people with authority as symbolized by there hats which in Chinese/Japanese/Korean culture are the outfits of lords in ancient Asia periods.

– The entrance to the alternative world is like a Asian temple which emphasize the presence of spirits

-The double face guardian of the entrance to alternative world, face to the way the humans walk in and the direction the spirits will exit.

-The build interior resembles the inside of a church but lines with train station-like seats which can be interpreted as a spirits transport passage to another world whilst the other entrance on the other side is in western style, giving a initiation of another world.

-The spirit world is like a clash of both western and Eastern architectures which gives an ‘out of the world’ effect to the audience

-Old traditions related to spirits in contrast to present day where spirits are more myth

– At night the town looks like a festive is on, so depicts how people only refer to the spirits during festival times

-You gain a sense of danger because it’s like a trap because the town is deserted during daylight but food is left there. A trap for greedy people.

-When night comes, it signifies danger is approaching and strange thing happen like parents turn to pigs

-No escape as the exit turns to a river

-initial thoughts of Chihiro from her character design, the way she acts and body language depicts her as spoilt and can’t be bother child



Some concept art for spirited away

Some concept art for Spirited Away before the actual development of the character in the anime movie.

Initial idea for my development for film research essay

For my essay, I want to look at a film called spirited away 2001. Although I haven’t watched this film before i am attracted by the style of the anime. It seems to be unique style of japanese anime. I first encountered spirited away when i saw it on the hong kong news when i was a kid bt in them days we couldn’t just watch it online like now a days :p

Above is a poster of spirited away, I particular love the style of Architecture which is a combination of Western and Eastern architecture.


Moodboard and contrasting moodboard

A mood board for my look into the style of Architecture. The building are tall towers of flats and in the shopping districts there are hundreds of colourful billboards. A sense of busyness is everywhere you go in hong kong.


Research Photographs!

Her are some Photos of Hong Kong architecture from My previous holidays

Project Research Idea

For DCP i have decided to dedicate my research towards Hong Kong building. I will look at the architecture in contrast towards the British architecture that i’m familiar with.

Hello world!

Hi! this blog will be used as a journal for my research and work for Animation module Development for Creative Practice.